Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Cocktails!

*Disclaimer: Before I begin this post, I want to preface, I do NOT condone drunkeness, irresponsible drinking, or underage drinking.  I also do NOT prefer to advertise drinking because of those who partake in the above.  This post is strictly to share a creative gift idea for anyone who enjoys an occasional drink or night cap.  I follow God's word and scripture is clear that drunkenness is a sin. ** 
For a while, I knew I wanted a cocktail cart in our family office.  Cocktail carts, for me, are much more than just a cart filled with liquid poison.  LOL.  Instead, it's a piece of "furniture" that creates fun for so many occasions.  YES! Most people use it for to hold items to store their favorite cocktails, but I also plan to use it for get togethers, parties, and sleepover fun! Imagine a MOVIE Theatre cart, an Ice Cream Social cart, a Candy Bar cart and more.  The options are endless.  
Initially, our cart is starting out EXACTLY like most cocktail carts do.  We are using it to store a few bottles of liquor, wine, and decorative glasses.  When we transformed our dining room to a family office, we lost our china cabinet, which held our nice glasses. I wound up getting rid of most everything, which is such a bummer, but a perfect excuse to buy some new glasses that fit our taste.
The cocktail cart itself, came from Pier 1.
I purchased several other decorative items from Pier 1 as well... like cocktail napkins . I loved these napkins, "He sees you when you're drinking."  Most assume this means Santa, I plan to keep it as a gentle reminder that HE, the Lord, is watching me.  So... yes, it's okay to partake in a drink, but again, NOT to get drunk!
I also bought (2) stemless wine glasses that said the same thing! (Pier 1)
And this adorable, yet masculine MOOSE and plaid check plate (also Pier 1).
 I decided to buy a nice collection of glasses from Pier 1, Chocolate Paper, and HomeGoods.   
Some of my favorite are these (3) glasses because they represent the city/state that we live in and surrounding areas that we frequently visit.  
If you look closely, we have had those personalized bottles of wine since we were MARRIED.  They were wedding gifts.  So, as you can see, we aren't avid drinkers.
I purchased a few fun and/or unique items to help give the cart's appearance character.
I found this STATE of VIRGINIA wine stopper at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  
I especially love our new Rae Dunn cordial glasses.  

New wine and martini glasses came from Home Goods.
I wanted this cocktail cart to MOSTLY be masculine, because this was a Christmas gift for Darren, but I also needed some feminine touches, hence the reason for that AMAZING ice bucket.  
While shopping for this gift, for Darren, I decided on a fabulous idea.  I would decorate this cocktail cart to reflect EACH season or upcoming holiday! SO, I started with Christmas.  Skipped New Year's, LOL, because well... life.  It snuck up on me!
BUT... I never allow my favorite holiday to sneak up on me, so our cart is officially set up for Valentine's Day! "Hello Gorgeous!"
I bought these two wine glasses after Valentine's Day was OVER last year.  I got BOTH for the price of ONE. Score!!!
I am pretty much napkin obsessed. "Cupid is stupid!"
As I do this more often, I am sure the cart will get more clever and more creative and much more beautiful to stare at.  I also apologize that the photographs are NOT that great.  The cocktail glasses create such a terrible glare.  I tried to shut the blinds and turn up the lights.  Use the flash on my camera.  Even move the cart to another room, but no matter where I placed the cart, the glare remained!
This space is not even close to being completed.  I need a better blanket.  One with a pattern.  I need to complete our Instagram wall too.  Once a few tiny kinks are made, I can finally put this space to rest.  
I hope you enjoy this gift idea.  Next month, I will decorate for St. Patrick's Day!  If you choose to mock this idea, send me your cart's photos at bollingwith5@gmail.com.  I'd love to see them. If you partake in a cocktail, please drink responsibly and as silly as this may sound... to the glory of God. Drinking is NOT a sin, but drunkenness is.  

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