Monday, January 8, 2018

Gourmet Food & Cash GIFT

Sometimes in life, gifts come in tiny packages.  Other times, they are requested.  Periodically, they  are wants, but lately, I seem to give gifts that are needs.  This year, I had several people in my life who would definitely benefit from CASH and enjoy some foods that they don't ordinarily get to enjoy or purchase themselves.  FOOD and CASH... necessities of life.
These three people received a beautiful gift box filled with gourmet foods and a check to cash.   
Inside the box, I put a "Hint" peppermint water.
Tate's Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Vermont Ancho Pepper Slim Jim.
Project 7 Peppermint Gum.
Harry and David Moose Munch.
Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps: either Everything flavored of Buffalo Wing flavored.  
Freshly ground peanut butter.
Candy canes.
AND Nutella Pretzel Sticks "On The Go" Mix.
I put a few other items in there, but I can't recall what they were. All of these items came from the Fresh Market. I know this gift was appreciated and helpful.  This time of year can be a financial burden or provide a financial strain.  I didn't want to pretend to know what these people really needed.  I figured... they could buy what they needed, pay several bills, or supplement lost wages due to holiday traveling.

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