Thursday, December 28, 2017

Bus Drive/Janitor Christmas Gifts ~ 2018

Remembering those that are hardly recognized or never recognized at all is so important to me.  That's why I, without fail, am certain to remember our children's bus driver and the janitors at their school. My twins always come home with a story about Mr. Ernie and Ms. Susie.  
This year, I came up with an idea... we received a new pizzeria in our town.  It's called Bobby's Hot & Cheesy! It's actually attached to our local, gourmet cupcake shop called Bubblecake. Isn't that a BRILLIANT ideas?  Eat some pizza and then go next door and get a cupcake.  I decided to give gift cards to BOTH places.  When I bought the gift certificates, I asked each employee for a BOX to their store.  
Inside the box for Bobby's, I used some fake, Melissa and Doug cash to just decorate the interior of the box. It would be so much better if it was real! Haha.  I actually considered whether or not to even do this because I wondered if opening a box with realistic cash inside and then realizing it was fake, would it actually disappoint the recipient. LOL!  
I enclosed a gift certificate for $15.00 (which was enough for a full pizza and a drink with tax).
I enclosed a printable that I made, which read, 
"We DOUGH-not know what we'd do without you! Merry CRUST-mas!"
I absolutely love the way it turned out.  
I also gave just Mrs. Robin, the bus driver, a box with a personalized, Rae Dunn inspired ornament and some Project 7 peppermint gum.  I used her last name "COLEMAN".
The cupcake box had a gift card, good for one jumbo cupcake, and... 
A cute printable that I made! "In a world filled with muffins, you are a beautiful cupcake!"
They all seemed to really appreciate and enjoy this gift.  It will be even more cherished once they get to enjoy a warm meal and a delicious dessert for FREE!

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