Friday, November 10, 2017

Boo Brownies!

I signed up to bring Mrs. Scott's 3rd grade class a sweet treat for their Halloween "non-party".
I decided to make some ghost brownies. love the way these turned out. I baked a simple brownie mix, using a pan that individually bakes one brownie at a time (12 to a pan). I love that pan.  I borrowed it from a friend and I have been looking for one for our home. After the brownies are FULLY cooled, pour some melted frosting onto each brownie.  Using the standard size marshmallows and Wilton's "food writer markers", draw two eyes and a nose.  BOO! Your ghosts are now created. Stick your ghosts onto the melted frosting. In no time... the frosting will re-solidify.  Keep in an air tight container.  
I love them.  They are so BOO-tiful.  Both Lilah and Jax said that so many of their classmates exclaimed, "You have the best mom ever!" Those brownies were sweet, but not nearly as sweet as their appreciation and comments.  

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