Friday, September 22, 2017

Glenvar High School Homecoming ~ 2017

Tonight is Glenvar High School’s Homecoming game and tomorrow is the Homecoming dance!! It’s an absolute honor and privilege to be on the homecoming court. Who will win?!? The big reveal is tonight!!! 

CALLING ALL HOMECOMING court LADIES (moms and grandmas included): You will want to enjoy this special occasion IF YOU are one of the lucky, chosen to walk the homecoming court. Moms/grandmas if your son and/or daughter (grandson/granddaughter) is nominated, I highly doubt you will want to worry about reapplying your lipcolor OR WORSE, smearing your lipstick all over their perfectly polished face. Do you want a lipcolor that will last THE ENTIRE NIGHT, without having to reapply?!?! I have what you need.

And all other ladies attending the homecoming dance... do you REALLY want to worry about reapplying your lipcolor after every photo, bite, sip, walk down the “court”, or after each dance?! Um, DUH, the answer is “NO!” Even if you pop your date on the cheek, your lipcolor will NOT rub off on his face! Contact me TODAY to snag the perfect shade of our long-lasting lipcolor!!! It lasts up to 18-hours.  💋💄

Go Glenvar!!  

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