Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Why You All Up In My Grill?

For father's day, I decided to create Darren's gifts around the Blackstone Griddle Grill Cooking Station. I did pay $299.00, but then I went back to Lowe's and showed them that Amazon had it for $265.00 and they price matched.  SCORE!
I used my Heidi Swapp light box to create a cute, lit up sigh for Darren, "Dad, Grill Master!"
The gift came complete with EVERYTHING he needed, even adorable hamburger plates from Target.
And matching napkins.
Thank you Bed, Bath, & Beyond for personalizing our kabobs with these College flexible kabobs by Sports Chest. I believe I paid $19.99.
I created my own printable and frame it, titled "Grillin & Chillin'".  I will be including the link, in this post, later today!
One of my favorite finds was this "Grill Station". You can find them all over the internet, especially Amazon, but it must be so popular that Amazon was quoting me TWO months for it to arrive.  I found this online, at Walmart, and had it shipped directly to the store for FREE.
It comes with two trays, one for RAW meat and one for COOKED meat, so you never mix and match the two, contaminating the food you are ingesting. How clever, right?
Of course the new griddle grill needed a cover, to avoid rusting. (Lowe's).
Just grilling' food net/tent.  LOVE THIS.  It keeps the bugs, especially the flies away.  I also got this cool accessory at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  
A nice collection of "rubs" from Williams-Sonoma.  
A "DAD" spatula from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  
I also made this tag and I will be including later for FREE, for your use.  "Dad, you're flippin' awesome!"
Another FAV of mine... a BBQ branding iron! I can't wait to be creative with this thing.  Okay, let's face it, this gift was for me!
The first thing we will spell is "Dad".  You know it!
Above: A BBQ tool hanger from Williams-Sonma.
Below: "Why you all up in my grill!" - t-shirt.  I wish I could insert the laughing or crying emoji here.  
Too, too funny and FUN! Darren was so thankful and we have used the griddle every night since we got it. It has created SUCH a FAMILY FUN affair.  Each night, we cook together as a family.

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