Friday, May 5, 2017

Music Behind The Magic Of Disney!

Tyson's FIRST year of middle school is ALMOST over.  It's so hard to believe.  This year, Ty dropped his first middle school elective, business, to try choir.  He was coerced by his buddies Gabe and Cooper and took the peer pressure! Lol!  Darren and I were not really on board, but we allowed him to make this decision for himself. If he wound up regretting it and complained, then we would have much more influence and say about changes he would try and make in the future.  SO far, he hasn't complained and seems to be enjoying it.  I think he is just happy to be with his best friends.  
The choir was performance was called, "Music Behind The Magic Of Disney". The choir teacher, Mrs. Terry Haynie did a fabulous job conducting this young ladies and gents.  Above: We watched some of our friends' children perform to "I believe".  Below: "God Help The Outkast!"
The first song that Ty performed in was "The Bare Necessities" from Jungle book!
The second song Ty performed in was, "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat!" The craziest thing to me is that Lilah is about to perform in her May recital and one of her performances is to this song as well.  So funny!
This was one of our family's favorite songs, "That's How You Know!"
At the end of the song, Mrs. Haynie's husband brought her flowers.  Apparently, that was designed and planned by two students: Cami and Ella.  Hehe.  So clever.
You can see her face of shock, joy, and appreciation here.  
The seniors was serenaded to "You'll Be In My Heart Forever!"
Chynna is someone you have seen on my blog before.  She is graduation this year.
It was hard to capture this performance.  It was in the dark:"If I didn't Have You.
I loved how colorful this performance was: "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride."
I love the below pic of Cami.  So cute.
I enjoy watching anything my children perform in.  Darren isn't THRILLED about Ty being in the choir, but ... he's a great daddy and went to support Ty anyway.  He picks on him at least once a day for being in choir.  Hehe.  Ty is 1 of 3 boys in the entire 6th grade that is in choir. We got home sooooooooo late.  I was so exhausted this morning, but I am glad that we were able to attend this lovely performance.

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