Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tuesday Morning Gift ~ Valentine's Day 2017

I racked my brains for a teacher gift idea, for Mrs. Green, on Valentine's Day.  I am not a fan of giving or receiving flowers OR those cute, heart-shaped box of chocolates. If you are a kid or teenager it works! They love the thrill of it ALL, but for me, flowers die and chocolate causes dimples in places I don't care to have. What? It's true.  

It also irritates me to see every man in America, at the grocery store two days before or worse, the DAY OF, Valentine's Day to buy a pre-packaged aka thoughtless, heart-shaped box of candy for their wives.  That's easy and effortless.  Ahem - it's called "Late to the game!".  

Anyway, I couldn't come up with ANYTHING worth giving to Mrs. Green.  You know, for me, it's all about the presentation and puns! LOL! 
On my way to pick up the dogs from doggie daycare, I considered every store that I passed.  AND then, the light bulb went off as I passed the store "Tuesday Morning".  This year, Valentine's Day was on Tuesday.  SO, I bought Mrs. Green a gift to "Tuesday Morning".
I enclosed the below note that read, "Mrs. Green, Enjoy your [Tuesday Morning] filled with flowers and chocolate! LOVE, Lilah and Jax."
 Yes, we also gifted chocolate and flowers because it was just a special "add-on" to the gift card.  

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  1. Speechless! Your creativity is amazing, lucky teacher:)


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