Saturday, January 21, 2017

Childhood Friends!

From youngest to oldest: Kate, Lilah, Julia, Vivian, and Ansley (not in order in the photos).  They have been childhood friends since birth.  I mean, they didn't KNOW it, but they were, haha, because their mommies have been friends since they were conceived and/or born.  And now, as mentioned in a post early, one of them is moving away! Sniff, sniff.
I decided to capture their last moments in a "photoshoot".  The day was damp, dreary, wet, and COLD.  It was pretty dang hectic capturing 5 girls, with uniquely DIFFERENT personalities.  I don't recommend it unless you really can manipulate your camera well OR have a friend there to help keep things under control. I had BOTH, but it didn't seem to help. LOL! I took 317 photos and I am simply unsatisfied with the results. I am thankful to have a small handful that turned out beautiful.  I might be satisfied with 10, haha. #Perfectionist. The rest need to be put in the trash bin, but I will share more than the 10 I can smile about. 
A huge thank you to ERIN, Julia's mommy, for spotting these darling jean dresses and helping me TRY to keep them calm and collected during the "shoot".  Each girl arrived in jean dresses, scarfs, black leggings, and boots. From left to right (below): Vivian, Kate, Ansley, Julia, and Lilah.
Walking together from beginning to end, #bestfriends!
These pictures will be special to all of the girls  I am sure. They will be something to reminisce on, as they say goodbye/miss Ansley.
We saved ourselves about $350 by NOT hiring a professional.  LOL! I was hoping for ONE good one.  I think I accomplished my goal. Thoughts? One thing remains not matter what the outcome of this photo shoot was... these girls are beautiful, precious, and best friends.  As parents, we are praying for the Lord to rescue their hearts, that their joy is found in Him and Him alone, sharing the light of Christ to all they come in contact with, AND that, no matter the distance, their friendship will remain...NO MATTER what.  

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