Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A "Before & After" Gift!

Anyone really close to me KNOWS I am NOT a fan of giving gift cards.  It seems so thoughtless.  I love the challenge of finding a gift that is unique.  One that the receiver would never buy themselves or one that is fun to receive.  However, there are those times when gift cards seem perfect to give to certain people.  Like my associate pastor, Eddie, for instance.  He just recently went on a missions trip to Uganda.  The Lord commands us to "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." other known as "The Great Commission".  So, when I drove past one of my favorite restaurants in Roanoke, Mission BBQ, an idea immediately popped into my head.  "Score!!! #TheGreatCo-Mission/#Mission BBQ".  I'm turning this into a gift idea!"  Presenting a gift card in a FUN way, is the ONLY way I can justify giving one. Haha.  Here's what I came up with.

I created a BLANK Wheel Of Fortune game screen.  The title, "Before & After".
Since I wouldn't be with Pastor Eddie to solve the puzzle, aka there to be Vanna White, I gave him the standard letters that Pat Sadjak gives his contestants... R, S, T, L, N, E.  AND because Pastor Eddie wasn't with me to pick his extra letters, I just provided him with one letter and one vowel: "O & Q".  See above and below...
I placed the puzzle to be solved on the outside of a pretty filed folder.  The puzzle to be solved was located inside the file folder.  I stapled the folder shut. "No peaking!"
Once he solved the puzzle, wrapped inside a gift bag, and placed inside one of their cups was a Mission BBQ gift card. Solved BEFORE & AFTER puzzle was.... 
"The Great Co Mission BBQ"
Have you ever seen Wheel Of Fortune? Do you get the "Before & After" puzzle idea?  This puzzle solves two themes or titles.  1. The Great Co-Mission.  2.  Mission BBQ.  Okay, okay, if you want to be really critical... Co-Mission is spelled wrong!!!!! It's supposed to have two M's.  BUT, who is trying to find fault in this fun gift? Most people don't even know what "The Great Commission" is, much less know if it has two m's, two s's or ONE of each.
I would have loved to have played this game WITH him, so I could hear, "I would like to solve the puzzle." Haha.
Our families don't live close to the restaurant. It's in the next town over BUT MOST people visit frequently enough, however, I also placed a take out menu inside.  When Darren and I are at the Fresh Market, which is near Mission BBQ, we sometimes call for take out and bring their food home.  YUM! I sure wish we had one in Salem.  
We are very thankful for Pastor Eddie's mission work BOTH in the states and far, far away in Uganda.  That's a true sign of his obedience to the Lord.


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