Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Orange You Cute!

I really enjoy adding some joy into my kids' day.  The school day can definitely drag on I am sure and who wants to eat the same lunch day in and day out?  We aren't dogs.  LOL!  Since I am not with my kids throughout the day, I do my best to either put something new in their snack bag, create a fun lunch, or include a note of encouragement, a joke, or a bible passage for them to read.  Today, their fruit is a juicy clementine.  Nothing fancy at all, so I embellished it up and enclosed a cute saying to go along with it.  I hope they get it!
These bento leaf picks were purchased on  I bought them two years ago.  I just haven't used them this year yet.  They are really affordable and can be used to give an orange a "freshly picked" look.  This pack also includes double stem picks for cherries or cherry tomatoes. #playwithyourfood.

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