Saturday, July 23, 2016

Water Balloon Fight!

On the last day of school, I blessed my kids with a "Summer Bucket Of Fun!" I started the tradition two years ago and they were kind of anticipating expecting it.  LOL!  Way to set a precedent mom.  Inside the bucket, I included a package of "BunchOBalloons".  I found ours at Target, but I have since seen them at Kmart as well. My kids begged to do it and I agreed as long as they agreed to pick up every single piece of plastic.  They are notorious for desiring the fun, but not the work that is created after the fun is over.  They had SO.MUCH.FUN with the first pack that I ran out to Walmart to grab more.  Walmart only had the Color Burst Battle Balloons, so I grabbed two boxes. Then I called Kmart to learn they had the BunchOBalloos.  So I went by there and grabbed three packs of those. Eeeekkk! Enjoy the photos and small reviews of BOTH products below.  This is truly the safest and most fun way to watch your children get out LOADS of permitted aggression on one another.
 The balloons come in a nice array of colors.
The setup is VERY SIMPLE.  All you do is hook up the BunchOBalloons attachment piece to the hose, turn on the water, and wala! You have yourself over 100 water balloons in 60 seconds.  You don't even have to tie the balloons. Once the balloons start to gets heavy, the balloon pulls away/off from the plastic stick, and it ties itself. Crazy cool invention.
 They had a system going. Ty was in charge.
This stack came from the Color Burst box.  As you can see, some of the balloons had a small leak.  You can see the red dye being forced out of the balloon. The color burst balloons had dye inside of them.  When you pegged someone with it, the red dye would be all over the victim. It kind of reminder me of a paintball fight.
 They were ready.
 Throwing with her eyes shut?
 It definitely created many smiles and a crazy abundance of laughter.  
 This kid was NO HOLD BARS!
 He pegged the twins as if he was in a baseball game, pitching to a batter.
At one point, Jax got hit so hard he started to wail.  Ty ran back for more balloons and pegged him in the midst of his crying. #adayinthelifeoftheBollingFamily
 Jax held his own though.
 Double fisting.
 OH THE JOY it brought to TY when contact between his balloon and the person he was aiming for took place!
 He also loved being HIT! I guess that is part of the fun.
In the below photo, you can see how the Color Burst balloons work.  Do you see the green dye all over Liley's white shirt. Have no fear though... it's all washable.
Sometimes the kids had such a death grip on the balloons that the balloons would pop in their hands, while attempting to throw them (seen above).
Someone got Ty from behind, when he least expected it.  This is just the best photo of #hesnuckuponme.
Of course, after about 30 minutes, they invented a new form of fun.  They couldn't stick to the ordinary balloon fight.  Once they realized that many of the balloons were NOT popping upon contact, with their subject, they thought biting a small hole in the balloon and then squeezing the water would work too.
 Doesn't this throw make you feel like he should be standing on the pitcher's mound?
 Two against one!
 Yes this creates laughter and smiles, but it also creates tears.
 Their fun was coming to an end.  We filled over 750 balloons, so this lasted a good hour.  
I gave them a snack, locked the doors, and told them they were not welcomed back inside until every single piece of plastic was picked up. I relaxed on the couch to Dr. Phil.  Hehe.    ALL good things eventually come to an end!
It's going to be a scorcher today.  I suggest going to your local Target, Walmart, or Kmart and scheduling this into your day. It's well worth it. The only REAL complaint I have is that many of the balloons do NOT pop when the subject is hit.  It pops after it hits the ground. If I had to choose, BunchOBalloons or Color Burst, I would choose BunchOBalloons.  Stay tuned for some great video footage...

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