Wednesday, March 2, 2016

U-R Sweet!

It's been this way since he was 4 years old.  He loves her, he loves her, he LOVES her. AND this past Valentine's Day was no different. He still LOVES her!!! So...Ty insisted on blessing Cami with some wonderful and very thoughtful gifts. ALL OF THEM were HIS doing! His suggesting! AND purchased with HIS MONEY! First, he picked out a heart-shaped, box of chocolate at Walgreens. This is a #tradition he started last year.
Then, he found a pretty cell phone charger charger! Kate Spade, to be exact.  It came from Best Buy! Cami just recently got a cell phone and he felt this was a need for her.  
I was kind of hoping he would stop there and almost made the gift giving stop there, but he had one other special gift in mind and BEGGED me to take him to get it! He said, "She only has a few Alex and Ani braclets and they are all ocean/beach themed, so I want to get her the Alex and Ani anchor bracelet."  He knew Alex and Ani had an anchor because I have it...I GUESS!
Then, one day on his own, while I was doing laundry upstairs, he printed an ANCHOR, from google, and began coloring it. He spent 6 hours (in one week) coloring every detail.  He even had a pattern of his own that he was following.
Here is the end result.  It turned out so beautiful.
 Ty was the one who asked if we could frame it too! 
He found a 4 foot, purple daisy, at A.C. Moore.  "Had to have it" for her.
"Great Things NEVER Come From Comfort Zones"
SO OFF HE WENT... to HAND DELIVER her gifts, to a household filled with her brothers, her father who is a pastor, her brothers' girlfriends, and her mom.  Man he's brave. Fingers in mouth must represent a slight bit of nervousness.
The ONLY way I was involved was 1. Taxi Cab Driving and 2. Gift Wrapping.  He filled out a sweet card that read, "Cami, I bought a few items, for you, that I thought you would enjoy having.  Happy Valentine's Day!" #meltmyheart
I just love how sweet, thoughtful, brave, and sentimental he is.  Ty has a great role mode,l in his daddy, who is constantly showering me with gifts. Ty is a witness to it and I assume likes it and wants to be just like his daddy. How did Ty have so much money? Ty sold his Samsung Galaxy for $95.00 and spent all but $20.00 on Cami.  Whether these two actually become a couple or not, in the end, it really is ok, either way.  Both of these "kids" are definitely incredible people and whoever they marry will be very LUCKY!

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