Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Red Ribbon Week (2015)

Fort Lewis Elementary School participated in Red Ribbon Week on October 25th-30th. My kids always get into it.  Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October in the United States.

Monday - "I'm too bright for drugs" - The kids wore LOADS of Neon, but Ty we forgot to snap a group picture.  Here is a photo of Ty.  He and I created a neon tie out of duct tape and he wore the some none clothing.  We also painted his hair bright pink and green. He looks a little fruity.  Next year, we won't go this route.  Haha.  The photo below was taken with my iPhone, hence the reason it's not good quality.
Tuesday - "Battle out drugs" - The kids were asked to wear their favorite superhero costumes.  I decided to surprise them in their snack and lunch boxes with some superhero goodies.  I also created this adorable printable and wrapped it around a superhero pezz.
It's not every day you get to have breakfast with a superhero.  
Lilah was Spidergirl!
Jax was Thor.
Ty was Robin!
Wednesday - "Stomp out drugs" - The kids were asked to wear their favorite hats and boots. Hats were ONLY allowed to be worn IF the kids donated at least $1 to United Way.  Our kids donated $1.00 each.
This girl insisted on wearing these cowboy boots that she wore when she was 4 years old (now almost 7) with a Toy Story Halloween Costume.  They were so small her toes were curled up.  I sent her with extra shoes, so she would have something to change into when she finally realized that mommy is RIGHT!"
She sure does know how to strike a pose though and she is so cute.  Work that camera girl!
Oh my gosh, these boys are so stinking handsome!!!! I don't think I have ever realized truly how handsome they are until I saw these photos.
Thursday - "I'm a JEAN-ious. I'm drug free".  Everyone wear jeans and a Fort Lewis t-shirt.
Friday - "Red Out Day" - Wear as much red as you can to support Red Ribbon Week. This particular day, my children did participate, but I left the house at 6:45 am to decorate the cafeteria for the fifth grade Halloween breakfast. I forgot to ask Darren to snap a photo.

For participating in Red Ribbon Week, the kids received a "Drug Free" lollipop and water bottle.  
It's always fun when the kids get involved and there is a little something to enjoy, helping to break up the normal monotony of any school day.

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