Monday, September 14, 2015

Glenvar Bulldogs Vs. Hidden Valley

Jax had his FIRST football GAME this past Saturday.  It's a beautiful GIFT that Lilah's cheer team cheers for Jax's team.  It was a total family affair on Saturday! LOL!  I am so proud of BOTH of them.  I'll admit, it was hard to choose which kid to watch. Fortunately, the cheerleaders do not cheer constantly.  They do take breaks, so I was able to watch them BOTH equally.  Jax was playing tight end and cornerback, but one of his teammates refused to continue with his position, so they gave Jax a new position about half way into the game.  He played center, on offense, the rest of the game and tight end, on defense.  He did so well considering he hadn't been practicing that position.  
I hope you will enjoy viewing the insane amount of photos I took.  I have posted several of my favorites , but you can see them ALL by double clicking on the the online Picasa album below. It must be viewed from a landline computer (fyi).  
Come out to support the Bulldogs, next Saturday, at 1:30 pm.  It's so adorable to watch them in in action.  
Presley (above) came out to support her BIG brother Cohen, her cousin Colton, and "Jackey Blue"!
The Bulldogs didn't win this go round, but you can't win them all! 
(Below) Jax and Co discussing their game!
I also put together a sweet flipagram of our Saturday affair.  

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  1. 1. That is such a great gift that Lilah will always cheer for Jax! I can imagine them now as teenagers. She is a beautiful cheerleader! 2. Action football pictures really are the best. I never appreciated them but now I do, everything happens so fast out there it's nice to see it captured 3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of Jax Co and Ranger and the one of Co and Jax talking. 4. I also love the one of Co and Lilah. That really is a sweet picture! Thank you for always capturing everything :)


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