Thursday, August 6, 2015

Don't Forget To Follow US On INSTAGRAM!

Having our family blog PUBLIC has MANY great benefits. The ONLY downfall to a public blog is that our lives are NOT private to those we'd love to keep out.  Our family blog does have an Instagram media tab, on it's homepage but, I thought I would let our readers know that while that tab will direct you to our most current instagram account, you will STILL have to request to follow us. We have a few snooping people who don't genuinely follow our blog because they love being involved in our lives, but rather, they follow us simply to SNOOP! The cool thing is... I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Thanks to blogger and it's cool "spying" features, I have full access to the traffic and visitors to our blog.  #hatersgonnahate leave a little bit to the imagination and regain a little control back, I have chosen to keep our IG account PRIVATE! Please check us out at bollingwith5 and request to follow us.  I'd be happy to accept you as a "friend", IF you are willing to reveal who you are :) Everything that I post to IG does NOT get posted to our blog.  It's the rare occasion that I share what's on our IG account, on our blog, because I don't want our readers to be bored.  Our IG account is filled with all kinds of daily, creative, FUN, sweet, and comedic moments, of our lives, in a flash! We love and cherish are readers/followers!!!! 

PS.  You don't like us, but you be checking our page religiously! IF you don't like us and you still watch everything we do.... YOU'RE a fan! Ha! #sotrue

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