Monday, December 1, 2014

The Gobbler's Run 2014

For Thanksgiving, we've started a wonderful tradition of "Moving our feet, so others can eat!" It was started last year, in Roanoke, for the Turkey Dash.  Enjoy seeing our FIRST experience in the Turkey Dash HERE. This year, we spent our Thanksgiving in Raleigh, NC and chose to do the Gobbler's Run! The plan was for my dad to stay home with the kids and for Darren, Carlene, and I to do the race together.  As we all know, sometimes plans don't go as expected.  My littlest sister spent from midnight until 5:30 am in the hospital.  Her lungs were closing from a bad case of croup.  There was just no way I could leave Carlene and my dad, with 5 kids, when they hadn't slept all night.  SO.... I stayed home, cared for the kids and cooked breakfast while Darren and TY ran the race.  I am so glad that Ty was a willing participant.  It was a wonderful experience for a father and son to do together. Being it was just Darren and Ty, I don't have any great footage, but enjoy the photos I did capture!!!!

Darren said that he was so proud of Ty.  When the race began, Ty was sprinting and Darren reminded Ty that it was a 3.2 mile race.  Towards the end, Ty's legs seemed to be getting "sore", but he stuck it out.  They finished the race in 32 minutes. NOT BAD for a 9 year old. The last time Darren ran a 5k, he finished in 21 minutes, so clearly Darren would have ran faster if Ty hadn't joined him.  

This race supports the Boys/Girls Club of Wake Forest.