Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More features....

Upon reviewing my blogging stats, such as my "audience", popular posts, and traffic sources, via blogger, I came across a website that is referring quite a bit of traffic to our family blog.  It's called http://daniellesplace.com/index.html  Upon clicking on the information that blogger gives me I came across this... "Things I Love About You"  I LOVE how blogger allows me to spy on who's reading and using my information. It was a total surprise to me because the website publisher never asked permission to feature me on her blog.  It makes me wonder how often this happens.  It's exciting to see other people love our ideas. I just wish they would inform me.  It's fun to know you're being featured and it almost seems like "the proper thing to do"... Right? Liley even got a little shout out... LOL! From Danielle's wording, it looks like she thinks I saw this idea on her website and mocked it, but I have never seen her website before until now.  

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