Monday, November 10, 2014

Kindergarten Halloween Party & Parade!

On Halloween day, Fort Lewis Elementary school allowed the kindergarteners to have a Halloween party and costume parade. This year, I am the room parent, so I was responsible for coordinating party goods and helping Ms. Dixon with her students.
I arrived a little early, to help dress the students into their costumes, but most of the kids were already dressed!!!
The kids were so excited! You can sense their excitement just from all of the photos below.
My handsome race car driver.
 The parade was ONLY for the kindergarteners.
The kindergarteners walked the entire school, going into each classroom.  Their peers were entertained by all of the costumes they wore.
I decided I wanted to dress up, since I was part of the parade. I bought this NEAT facial tattoo, from Claire's Boutique, in the mall.  
It was simple, just transfer the "stickers" to your face and walaa!!! As I walked the halls, with the twins' and their classmates, we received a lot of comments/compliments. I wasn't sure if Ty would notice it was me all dressed up, but he did.  He thought it was so funny!
The class, group photo!
The kids had a great time and I was so thankful to be a part of this special day!