Monday, October 20, 2014

Fort Lewis Elementary School, Field Trip Snack Boxes & Bags!

In preparation, for my entire family traveling to the D.C. area, I had to think everything that not only my children needed, but also that my hubby would need in my absence. Tyson and I were pairing up to explore the monuments and several museums. Darren and the twins were traveling together to tour the Zoo and the Space Museum.  I have never had to pack a lunch for Darren before.  He always comes home to eat lunch, so this was a tad challenging.  I wanted his packed lunch to be tasty and fun, yet I was concerned about how to keep everything fresh!

I drove myself crazy, both day and night before the field trip.  I decided to make my family and the teachers fun, snack boxes, for the trip, that coordinated with where they were going. I used to be a HUGE scrapbooker, so my 45 pound sticker collection came in really handy for this occasion.  

The zoo trip snack bags contained:
"Let's Go Bananas" - Banana Chips.
 "Don't Feed The Animals" - Penguin Shaped Cheese Crackers.
 Elephant Snacks aka Shelled Peanuts.
Fox Box: White Chocolate Covered Pretzels or Claws!
 Zebra Striped Cakes!
Animal Shaped Fruit Snacks! (Obviously many of these items Darren would NOT eat)
Monkey Poop aka Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
A Fresh Apple with an Orangoutang on it.
A Tiger Clementine - Hand Drawn and Googlie Eyes Added.
 Miss Dixon's box also contained tissues, hand sanitizer, gum, a few animal print mints, and Starbursts (her favorite).
It all fit so nicely in a LARGE, rectangular rubbermaid container.
 I hot glued a wooden elephant on the top of it!
Mrs. Rottkamp and Ty's items were decorated with flags, city life, and monument stickers! Mrs. Rottkamp loves beef jerky and dark chocolate, so that's why some of her items were different from Miss Dixon's. Both teachers also received a gift card to Starbucks, for the NEXT school day! Boy, we ALLLLL needed an extra cup of java, even the kids, after that trip!
On the FIRST rest stop, I surprised Ty with his favorite candy from the Fresh Market...licorice pinwheels.  
I ran out of tim, the night before, so I was only able to photograph the apple from Ty's bag, since he didn't eat it.  His apple was wrapped in a "map" border sticker.
Like I always say, every little thing is a big deal!!! I love going that extra mile for my family members AND I hope can inspire you to do the same!!!