Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Being A Football Player & A Christian Manifest Similar Qualities!

Both football and Christianity require perseverance...
Self denial.
 Hard Work.
 Dedication and...
Respect for authority!

The main difference...not all football contains Christ, but Ty's team does!!!! ALL of the coaches take turns praying before and after EVERY SINGLE practice and game - with the entire team!

Tonight starts football playoffs: the first and probably the last playoff game of the season.  Sadly, I am not there.  I am unable to attend because Lilah and Jax's bed time take precedent over every other night time event possible. Nothing could beat last year's football season record (undefeated). This year, new coaches + new players = new end results. Either way, Darren stands firm in the joy he finds both on the practice field and on the game field. He says, 
"Coaching is by far the biggest and best way I have been able to minister the gospel to others!"  
The end of football season is bitter-sweet.  Sweet: by this time of year, I am ready to have my husband back and a complete family unit.  Bitter: Darren and Nick's friendship grows exponentially during football season.  Their friendship is so strong and it's sad to see their 4-5 day a week bond dwindle down to only when we can gather together in our spare time.  Tyson also tends to get very bored and boredom can sometimes turn into disciplinary issues.  This only can mean one thing....BASKETBALL SEASON is around the corner. Such is life with athletic boys and a husband who loves to be involved in his children's lives and the community. I couldn't be more proud to have a son and a husband with drive.

*Photos taken by Coach Scott Wolk. LOVE THEM!*