Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day At The Lake!

Labor Day was so gorgeous. Our day was spent at the Lake with several families from our small group, as well as a few other couples.  I always love being invited to the lake because my children get to experience something beautiful and fun, something that we wouldn't normally do if we didn't have friends that own a Lake Condo.

Below, TY jumps off of the deck, into water.  Eeeeeek!
Darren jumped too.  Ahhhhh! I am so glad that God protected them from this foolish, yet fun entertainment.  
Hank looking all serious!
The guys playing Kan Jam!
Watson just hanging out being cute!
Oh that life vest... it looks so uncomfortable.
The kids went for a boat ride, pigged out on ice cream and chips, and enjoyed the lake water.  
Good times at the lake, calls for a quiet ride home!
It's hard to believe those are the ONLY photos I took. I think I was enjoying the fellowship and relaxation a little too much, lol. Thank you Aaron and Lisa, again, for a wonderful time filled with fantastic memories.  We couldn't have asked for better weather.