Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Duck Tape "Fixes" Everything

While on our adventure for a tie dying kit, for Tie Dye day at Sports Camp, my eyes were wide open for any other items that were tie dye looking in nature. Why was I not surprised when I ran across some tie dye duck tape?  Having no idea what I would do with it, but knowing I could return it if nothing came to mind, AND being I had a 50% off coupon for ONE item, I bought it.  
"Duck tape can fix a lot... but it can't fix stupid!"
With 15 minutes to spare, before this mother of "5" had to get into the shower, I decided to cut the tape into strips, overlapped several strips of tape until I reach my desired thickness, and pinched the center to form a BOW... hair bow for the girls and bow ties for the boys.
The bows were definitely NOT flawless.  Again, I literally made three hair bows and one bow tie in 17 minutes.  YES...I was two minutes late getting in the shower. Had I had MORE time to perfect these bows, I think I would have made them much thicker in diameter and shorter in the width.  
I took some alligator clips off of three hair bows that Lilah never wears and hot glued them onto the back of the duck tape bows.
The concept for the bow tie was the same, but I had one additional step to complete. I rolled out a strip of duck tape, long enough to wrap around Ty's neck (Jax didn't want one), and then folded the tape together to make the neck strap.  
 Again, totally NOT flawless, but totally fit for the occasion.  
The ideas are endless with duck tape!  I was also considering duck tape jewelry, but I ran out of time.