Friday, July 11, 2014

Mundane Monday...But Not Really!

Every MONDAY, a group of us gather at my neighborhood pool for hours.  The kids swim their little hearts out and the mommies "relax" in the sun... as best as you can do that with 15+ children and only 7+ mommies and a large whole filled with water a death trap. This past Monday, was the first Monday I actually remembered to take some photos and it was also the first time we have ever thought to order pizza.  That made things a little easier on us all.  

Girls are so different than boys. Some of these girls took a break from the pool to read.  Others enjoyed their pizza.
 Little Watson!
 Mason looking cool in his sunglasses!
 Back to swimming and splashing!
 While the boys play ball in the pool!
 I brought a bag of blow pops and this entertained Watson for quite some time!
Sometimes Tyson has a playmate his age and sometimes he doesn't.  He loves the little ones, as LONG as, they are NOT his siblings.  LOL!
 Hank enjoys round two of pizza!
I am so glad the weather has held up every Monday.  There have been a few times that we were unable to gather, but we try to etch this permanently into our Summer, Monday schedules because it is a wonderful time for everyone.