Monday, July 21, 2014

Glenvar All-Stars FINAL GAME!

It was a bitter-sweet outcome... The Glenvar All-Stars played an incredible game against Salem.  We were killing it the first four innings and then we lost control.  The final score was 9 to 12.  I say bitter because it's stinky to be so close, yet so far away to heading to the State Championship Tournament, but SWEET because our family will now be able to have ONE last Summer vacation before Football Season stars on August 2nd. Beats driving to South Boston, VA everyday for more tournament games. Enjoy a few fun photos I captured OR click on the link below to view them ALL!
Clay at pitcher!
Coach Daddy and Son Clay having a heart-to-heart.
Lawson at catcher!
Riley at pitcher!
Below: Ty in the left outfield, looking cool in his new baseball shades.
Ty receiving his metal!

Team photo.
Recognizing the volunteers.  Darren was one of them!  I love my husband's involvement in the community, even though at times, I am jealous he's not home with me.
Goofy team shot!  Ty is buried in there somewhere.
Best buds!!!!
Win or lose, he will always be a champ to me.
 Tyson tackles his teammates and ends up on top!