Friday, July 11, 2014

"All She Wants To Do Is Dance"

Although a CLEVER title to this post, I can promise you the rest of Don Henley's song doesn't coincide with my daughter's desires.  LOL!

If anyone has every questioned whether or NOT my daughter truly loves to dance AND whether or not I am living vicariously through her, let me JUST SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT... She does and I AM NOT!  Below, there she is dancing.  After returning home from running a ton of errands, this girl immediately turned on the music.
 She LOVES when I watch her. You get all kinds of incredibly funny facial expressions.  
 From this action shot, you can tell she's reallllly into it.  
 Shew! Dancing is tough work and oh so exhausting.
In her "spare time" it's all she does.  See more proof below....

After a long pool day, she had to get the rest of her energy out, by dancing again! Excuse the blurry footage. I was obviously NOT zoomed in, but you can get the just of how proud of herself she is.  LOL!
"This is no joke mom!" She wants me to watch her with a serious, but pleased face.  LOL!
My younger sisters will be coming to town soon and I over heard Lilah tell Leeice, on the phone, "When you get here, we are going to swim, bake cookies, and have a DANCE party, okay?"

I really enjoy the self-confidence that Lilah has and I pray that she can use these dancing desires to glorify God somehow.