Friday, May 2, 2014

"He Is Risen" Gifts!

Two years ago, Darren and I stopped doing our egg hunts and Easter baskets with the kids until loooooong after church (Easter day).  It is just too distracting to stay focused on the true meaning of why we celebrate Easter.  I bought the kids a few spiritual gifts and thought giving it to them on Easter Sunday morning would be safe.  Here is what they woke up to...
Jax had just received a bible for his birthday, so I had a hard time finding something spiritual for him.   I bought him the book, "The Legend of the Easter Egg."  It takes the secular Easter egg and turns it into something that relates to Resurrection Day.  
Lilah received a beautiful cross ring.  Destiny took her to get a ring guard the Tuesday before we left for Disney.
Ty was so thrilled to get a bible.  He has been wanting a new bible for a long time now.

It was just enough to make them smile, on Easter Sunday morning, but not enough to take away our focus.