Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Mother's Day Treat That "Hits The Spot"!!!

For Mother's Day this year, I bought my Sensational 6 a very appropriate gift, to be used on their children!!!!  I found it at Hallmark. It's called a "Sweet Swat".  Its purpose is to swat flies.  Its advertising ploy is that the swatter is extendable.  It reads,
"Extend Your Reach and Swat With Finesse."
I had bigger and better plans for these colorful, portable, and EXTENDABLE fly swatters.  With Summer around the corner, I thought, "These would be PERFECT for the carpooling mommy or for their pocket book!"   
 I needed 5 swatters and Hallmark offered 5 colors. How "sweet" is that?
I placed each "Sweet Swat" in a small scarf box and wrapped it up really beautifully.  
AND THEN, not that my amazing mommy friends needed this reminder, I enclosed two printables in with their Mother's day card! The above shows what will happen if you don't SPANK your child.  And the below was a gentle reminder of what the Lord commands us to do with our disobedient children. SPANK... NOT BEAT OR ABUSE.... SPANK! A little LOVING SWAT will "Hit The Spot"!!!
Run out to your local Hallmark and grab your own Swatter today! You can tell your children I sent you.  LOL!!!!