Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sending Ourselves A Package To Our Disney Resort

Who in the world wants to pay 4x the amount of money, for a snack, while on vacation, that is fairly affordable in your home town? NOT I! This happens ALLLLL of the time.  I always say, "If things were just affordable, more people might vacate."  It's so sad how badly they jack up the prices in a tourist town. While running errands yesterday, I was just thinking things through, and all of the sudden a light bulb went off.  "What if I go to Wal-mart, right now, and pre-buy snacks?"  I called my fabulous travel agent, Tabitha, and she said, "You can take that a step further by shipping it directly to your resort!" "NO WAY!!! Really???" I exclaimed.  And within two hours, I had shopped and packed up some goodies.  I tried to pick items that my kids have never had before.  Keeping their interest. "Special treats".... as we call them, in our home.
Our family has purchased the deluxe dining plan while staying in Disney.  There are reports that it is TOO much food, but I LOVE the idea of our meals being prepaid. I would hate to get home to a large credit card bill, from eating out, or worse, carry loads of cash and chance losing it.  In addition, we get to take advantage of deluxe dining experiences, such as Character dining.  I love this because instead of waiting 1-2 hours in line to meet the disney characters, we get to take a break, sit in air conditioning, and have the characters come to us.  It's a fabulous way to get rejuvenated.  And I bet the experience with the characters is much more personal.  Our meal plan includes the below x 6 days x 5 people!

3 FULL Sit Down meals at any restaurant
2 Snacks per day
Refillable Mug (good to use at our resort) For Coke Products, Juice, Water
So what's inside the box?
In no particular order
Capri Suns
Pop Tarts
Slim Jim's
Nutra Grain Bars
Paper Plates 
Paper Towels
Strawberry Yogurt Covered Raisins
Shamu Cheese Crackers
Sugar Cookie Pringle Sticks
Honey Roasted Sunflower Seeds
Cheddar Cheese Pringles Sticks
Ranch & BBQ Rice Cakes
Snyder Peanut Butter Pretzels
Protein Bars
On The Go PBJ Nuts & Honey Nut Mix

These are the paper plates that I enclosed in our package.  I thought they were perfect for the occasion. It will be fun to enter our resort room and already have a special package waiting for us.  LOL!


  1. Love this idea! I totally agree about the high prices in Florida and not always the same selection my kids are used to. How much did it costs to ship the package? Did it still come out to be a money saver after having to pay for shipping? Also, how long before your check in date did you ship it?

    1. Hello Diz Mom! I loved this idea TOO! I will tell you that I would do it again IF I didn't have the deluxe meal plan. The meal plan provided TOOOO much food and we were left leaving some of our own food behind, just to be able to use our food credits and bring fun Disney food home. The airlines will ONLY allow you to bring so much stuff in pounds onto the plane. If you don't have a meal plan, this will save you gobs of money. Most of Disney's foods are junk and if it's healthy you will be paying the same price for ONE apple, that you would pay for 4. I believe you can only send your package to your resort approximately 2 days before your arrival. So you have to check with your freight provider to ensure you time it right. I hope I answered ALL of your questions. Have a magical vacation.


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