Monday, March 3, 2014

Olympians, Pirates and The Color Pink!

Lately, Lilah and Jax's preschool has had quite a few events that have caused me to get a little detailed with their attire. LOL!!!!!  

First up, Olympics Day! Lilah was clearly on the blue team and Jax was on the red team.  I was able to dye both of their hair. Lilah was decked to the hilt in blue and Jax was surely prepared to "match" her, by dressing from head to toe in RED!
Pirate day! I just can't take how sweet and feisty these two look with their eye patches on.
Last week, they celebrated the color pink.  I was assigned to pink cupcakes and to appease mommy, they both dressed in pink.  It was really the teacher's request, but Jax always has a hard time agreeing to wear that color. Why does our society have to segregate colors to different genders?  So many men look so handsome in baby pink or eggplant purple.  LOL!
Photos were taken with my iPhone and from my instagram account, hence the poor quality.
Coming up this month "Dr. Seuss" celebration as well as their green celebration.  I'm completely ready for the Dr. Seuss' birthday, thanks to the adorable Cat In The Hat party they had last year AND I'm almost prepared for the green celebration.  I have started collecting a few things here and there.  I'm just concerned L&J won't wear what I have picked out. To date, I have always been able to bribe them with candy.  I'm waiting for the day that doesn't work anymore.