Monday, February 17, 2014

Upside Down Is Hard To Do!

Our children LOVE the song, "Upside Down Is Hard To Do!" The next round of lyrics are, "But you should put others FIRST BEFORE YOU!"  And that's also HARD to do sometimes. We are a very selfish breed.  We had a BIG snow and Darren is always so wonderful at playing outside with the kids when it does snow.  I am not typically a fan of anything wet or cold.  I'll sit from the inside and stare at it, but it's ONLY gorgeous to look at, to me.  

I asked Darren to make our snowman a little different this year.  We are always looking for new ways to make traditions more fun.  So, we built our snowman UPSIDE DOWN.  It's slightly harder to make a snowman upside down, but still totally doable.  

Basically, just make the bigger section of the snowballs FIRST, then the smaller snowballs.  For the sake of aggravation, we only did two sections of this snowman, but the scarf hides a portion of the snowman well and you can't tell that he's missing his middle section.  
We have a cute snowman kit which contains a scarf, a carrot nose, a pipe, and coal looking buttons for the eyes etc.  So after we were finished building, we decorated him.  We used two large broomsticks for "his "legs" and two play brooms for "his" arms, added Darren's snow boots and Walaa!!!!

He's better than the average snowman isn't he?  I'd love to see your upside down snowman.  Email me @