Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My 2014 Birthday!

Yes...I am officially 37... 3 short years until I am the BIG 40.  I'm a tad nervous about that one.
On Sunday morning I woke up to the good and the ugly.  First, I was greeted with the ugly.  My little man, Jax, woke up vomiting. Fortunately, it lasted two rounds and that was it the rest of the day, but I did have to miss church :( Despite that sad and icky news, I received a visit from the "Birthday Fairy!" as Lilah called it.  "She" Darren left me a few party decorations...
"Let's just cut the crap!
I look 37
I feel 37
I smell 37
I'm 37!"
It's so lovely of Darren to remind me of that.  LOL!  Every year, he leaves me sweet messages and I have to say, although this wasn't a "sweet message", it made me laugh, which reminded me of why I fell in love with him in the first place... his comedy.
He also bought this BEAUTIFUL wreath for our front door.  
If you like it, there's the info.  ETSY of course. 
He also bought me the camera strap to match my camera bag that I received last Christmas, off of etsy.  That's my camera bag above, but the coordinating strap is slightly redesigned.  I'm super excited about this gift because I have been walking around with my camera in my hand and that's nerve racking.

Finally, I got this AWESOME cell phone accessory. It's a battery pack, by Verizon, that charges your cell phone in your purse or at the gym, basically wherever you are, without an electrical outlet.  LOVE IT!  Here's what Verizon says about this product,

"Take full advantage of your phone without worrying about running out of battery life. Stream videos, take calls and text, browse the web, and use all of your apps - if you run low on charge, just plug in the Power Pack and keep on going."  

This is also great for those long vacation days at the beach or a theme park.
Darren also took my hardest, but most favorite cardio class with me, just another birthday gift from him to me.  Can you tell I "milk it" for whatever I can?  LOL!  I feel certain this will be a weekly gift now. Darren loved it so much, that we plan to do it most Saturdays together.
We had plans Friday night, to go out on a double date, but our babysitter was sick. Instead, we turned our lemons into lemonade by going to Kabuki Japanese Restaurant.  We haven't been there in almost a decade. Kinda forgot about it actually.  
It was a royal treat to take the kids somewhere different, especially in our hometown.  When we left, Jax said, "Can we come back here? That was so much fun!!!!"  He's Mr. Appreciative.  Be on the look out for the video footage from this experience. We all caught a shrimp in our mouths.  
I also got a few goodies from my closest friends.... Jody
She knows me so well.  She wrote me a beautiful letter that was all rhyming.
I also received a coffee mug and a gift card to Starbucks, with a note that read,

"Here is a little something, it's really very small, but you can enjoy a treat while your shopping at the mall!"

I love how my friends know some of my "loves".
Thanks again Jody.  The gift card is spent. I love your creativity in presenting it too.
My other side kick Ashely, bought me all of these gym goodies from Etsy.  I see a reoccurring theme going on... ETSY!  LOL! Again, she knows me so well.  I would be a gym rat if I didn't have 3 kids, a hubby, and a home to care for.  Either way, now I am stylish when I am at the YMCA. Ashely, the first day I wore this shirt, I got a compliment immediately.
My in laws gave me cash.  #thebestgiftever  haha!  I am using it for something special, I promise.  You'll have access to that very soon.

My other "besties" aka "Sensational 6" all chipped in to get me an incredible gift that I will post about separately.  You'll be shocked, I think! I know I was, but I can't wait to use it.

It was a weekend filled with tasty dining experiences, gifts, and so much love from all of those who love me. I counted my blessings and I cherish every one of them. All glory to God for giving me life, breath, and salvation. Who can trump those blessings?