Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's Going To Be A Slam Dunk Time!

This morning, Tyson presented a birthday-EVE gift to his daddy, before going to school! This special gift has been planned out for over a week now and I am very proud of Ty for keeping this secret from his playmate daddy!

As Darren and I get older, coming up with ideas for the hubby is getting increasingly harder.  I began thinking about all of Darren's loves...

Working Out
Dates With His Wife
A Good Meal
His Children
Peanut Butter
The Beach
Virginia Tech
A Good Book

The list is endless and I can't really list many more of his "loves" otherwise, it may give away some of the gifts I am giving him tomorrow... his actual birthday! FYI, that above list is in NO particular order, other than CHRIST being #1.  LOL!
If you look closely, in this photo, you can see the "white boy"!
I thought it would be nice for Darren to get out with our small group guys and do something fun. It's the rare occasion that the men get together.  It's always the women taking advantage of that opportunity.  With that being said, I took interest (and FAST) when I spotted the WSLS daily deal for Harlam Globetrotters' tickets.  I was able to successfully compile a list of "yeses" from our small group guys and 5/6 were happy to join Darren. It's Zach's late night, at work, so he can't go.  Boo!  I hope the men don't mind, but being Tyson is in basketball season right now, I thought it would be nice for Ty to go and watch this entertaining event, so I bought Tyson a ticket also. 

How was this gift presented to Darren?  Basically, I created this silly little "invitation" and stuck it to a basketball.  While eating breakfast, Tyson grabbed the ball and exclaimed, "Hey Dad, think fast!" And threw the ball his way.  Then Darren read the invitation allowed.
"You might be the ONLY white boy there, but you're going to have a ball!"
What: Harlam Globtrotters
When: February 27th @ 7:00 pm
Where: Roanoke Civic Center
Who: Aaron, Brett, Dennis, Nathan, Tyson & YOU!
Why: Because it's your birthday! AND you deserve to have some fun.

I came up with the idea in a matter of seconds, after speaking with Ty about ways we could surprise his daddy.  Ty was so excited to be a part of both the planning, presenting, and accompanying the birthday boy at this event.  
I sure hope the guys have a great time!

*Side note: after giving him this gift, he says, "I could have gotten 10 free tickets from the GYB (glenvar youth boosters).  I think I almost threw up.

This below video appears "planned".  Darren's reaction was so immediate, almost as if he knew, but he had no clue.  I'm not so sure he's excited.  LOL!  He doesn't get excited about anything that puts a bump in his routine, but if history repeats itself, he'll come home and say, "I had a great time!"  He always does.