Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WWE RAW!!!!!

Back in August, I believe, my brother left for Australia.  He became a temporary resident there, due to a "special project" he was working on, in his career as an FBI agent.  Before he left, he promised Tyson that he would take his son, Will, as well as Tyson, to a WWE RAW wrestling match upon his return.  Tyson literally counted the days down! David stuck to his promise and purchased tickets for a December 30th match. My mom was also visiting, so it was a double treat.  
The night of the match, the boys made posters for their favorite wrestlers.
Uncle David helped out a lot.  Who knew he was into "crafting!" I had to take a picture of his tongue sticking out.  LOL! He used to use his tongue, as a kid, when playing video games.  I think it helped him advance to the next level.  #socomical
Uncle David came downstairs all dressed and ready for the event.  I guess the sunglasses, on the t-shirt, symbolizes one of the wrestler's known attire.
The boys completed their posters and were all smiles, knowing it was almost time to go.
Jax chose John Cena! "You can't C me!"
Ty chose "Big Show".
Will chose CM Punk!
My brother didn't bring a camera, of course, MEN, but he captured two shots at the event.
Jax didn't have a nap that day, so by 10:30 pm, I think he was DONE! He couldn't take another minute. He truly had to be tired to 1. Fall asleep (it's LOUD) and 2. Trust that his Uncle David wouldn't leave him there, but rather carry him to the car. LOL!   

Dave, we are very thankful for fulfilling your promise to our boys.  They will never forget that night.  I'm thankful they have at least one uncle that they are able to visit with on a regular basis.