Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween Candy Exchange!

Grandnee told us about this amazing candy exchange at her dentist office.
So we took advantage of it.
The dentist office was giving out $1 per pound of candy.
The kids sold 9 pounds of candy.
So they exchanged 9 pounds of candy for $9 cash.

Divided by 3, each kid received $3
 They used the money at Tyson's school book fair.
 The items below are what the dentist gave to them, on top of the money!
A new tooth brush, 
An American doll book 
A karate pass
A bowling pass
A free chick-fil-a meal
A free skate pass.  
A $20 value per child.  
That beats a mouth full cavities.
All the candy "sold", to the dentist, goes our troops!