Thursday, September 5, 2013

What Did I Do, On The FIRST Day, When ALL Of My Kids Went Back-To-School?

****Disclaimer: I did NOT post this to BRAG, but to share my love for cleaning and incase you need ideas.  I also did this post out of request of my dear BFF Ashely.  She said, "Please let me know when you do projects or anything around the house (organization etc).  It will inspire me to not let my house go and maybe I'll do something similar during naps etc.""****

I am sure there are many who would bet their left or right arm that I spent my first day of "freedom" shopping or getting my nails/feet done!!!! WRONG!!!!! I took the rest of this week off, since the gym was closed on Monday, to get realllly busy being a housewife.  I am/was so anxious to get my house back to the way I want it.  I decided that I would divide my first week three days like this...

1.  Wednesday
  • Clean Main Floor
Fall Bucket List Items
  • Clean Behind/Underneath Stove, 
  • Clean Behind/Underneath Refrigerator
This took every bit of 3.5 hours.  I was sweating SOOO bad, I had to change my clothes before picking up my children.  Here's what I did...

Clean Half Bathroom: sink, toilet, mirror, and cabinets.
Clean Kitchen: backsplash, counter tops, cabinets, sink, trash can, and all appliances.
Sweep Hardwood Floors.
Clean Hardwood Floors (on my hands and knees).
Dust Living and Dining Room.
Vacuum (2) Area Rugs.
Windex Sliding Glass Doors.
Wipe Down All Barstools & Chairs.
Emptied All Trash Cans

2. Thursday
  • Clean Third Floor
Fall Bucket List Items
  • Wash Inside of Washing Machine
  • Clean Inside of Dryer
This also took every bit of 3.5 hours.  Here's what I did...

Dusted All 4 Bedrooms
Windexed All 4 Bedroom's Mirrors
Cleaned BOTH Bathrooms: mirrors, floors, toilet bowls, bathtubs, countertops, cabinets, showers and shelving.
Vacuumed The Entire Floor.
Clean Laundry Room: floors, shelves, inside and outside of washing machine. All laundry done!
Cleaned Stairwell: carpet and wood.
Emptied All Trash Cans

3. Friday
  • Clean Basement
Fall Bucket List Items
  • Organize Storage Room.
  • Binge and Purge Filing Cabinet.
  • Pull Out Fall Decorations.
Dust Entire Basement
Dust Workout Room
Windex Workout Room's Mirrors
Clean Bathroom: toilet bowl, mirror, shower, floor, cabinets, and countertops.
Vacuum Entire Basement.
Clean Stairwell: carpet and wood.
Organize Storage Room.
Pull Out Fall Deocorations.
Binge and Purge Filing Cabinet.
Empty All Trash Cans

Here's the before and after photos my "Fall Bucket List" for Wednesday!
Stove: Before
What I found?!?!?!
Besides dirt, dust, and crumbs, I found a popsicle, 2 bullets, a finger puppet, a hairspray cap, a marble, a bead, an m&m, and a piece of a broken plate.  This is so embarrassing that anything in my home contained this much dirt.  I only do this once a year.  I think I will make it a semi-annually thing, if not MORE!
 Stove: AFTER! 
Clean As A Whistle!!!!
Refrigerator: BEFORE
What I Found?!?!?!?!
Besides dirt, dust, and crumbs, I found a crayon, a marker, (3) batteries, a hair ball, a war card, a cracker, a play comb, a light bright piece, a bottle cap, a pistachio, (3) marbles, a bead, a wrapper, a silly bean.
Refrigerator: AFTER
To move our fridge, notice, we have to place two pieces of plywood underneath the fridge, so the wheels do not scrap the hardwood flooring!
As you can see, these tasks don't get done that often.  I truly just forget that this HAS to be done or I would take joy in doing it more frequently.  

By tomorrow, I will feel so refreshed and ready to start on some other "Fall Bucket List" items, next week.  On Monday, I will return to the gym and start preparing for Darren's Virginia Tech Tailgate Party for him and his guy friends.  It's crazy, but 3.5 hours is JUST NOT ENOUGH time to get all of my "to do" items completed.  I guess I have a FULL year until summer returns, so there is no rush.