Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Made With Love" Jar!

Start with a mason jar...
Mix 1/4 cup of mod podge and a few drops of paint together.
The more paint, the brighter the result.
Pour mixed ingredients into the mason jar.
Shut cap and shake realllllllly hard.
Air dry, upside down, on a drying rack.
Stencil the outside of the jar to your liking.  
I chose these adorable stencils.
I used chalkboard paint.
"Made With Love"
By Jax, Lilah, and Mommy!!!

On the other side of this jar, I painted a heart with the chalkboard paint.  Depending on what I use the jar for, let's just say beads for instance, I can write the word "beads" inside of the chalkboard painted heart with chalk. It can be easily erased and something else can be written.  This jar will reside in my craft closet.  I will always recall how I turned a boring glass jar into something special AND I did it with my two-riffic twins.