Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Having A [foot]-BALL!

I surprised Tyson and decided to go to his football practice last night.  I don't normally go, since his daddy is always with him and being I have the twins to care for.  However, Ashely decided to join us, giving the twins a few playmates, and making the experience enjoyable for all.  
 The boys decided to have a little practice of their own.
 Seeing them play in person was pure joy because they were ALL smiles.
 Running for a touch down.
 Can you spot Jax's arm to the left?  He wasn't too far behind.
Even though Cohen was the one who got tackled, Jax somehow always ended up on the bottom.
 These two are best buds!
 Caleb joined in on the fun!  They sandwiched him.
 Miss Priss..... Presley!
 And there's my BFF.  Always on the go chasing one of her three :)
Lilah was purposefully bumping into Presley and knocking her down. Presley was thoroughly enjoying it.  She kept going back for more, even if it was causing her knees to bleed.
This poor kids was being TORTURED!  Check out Caleb's face.  After I snapped this photo, he pounded the football to her back.  If you look closely, you can see it in his hands.  She was NOT happy.
OH, yea!!!  This is the real reason we were on the football field.  We were there to watch Tyson and Gabe in action.  Left to Right: Ty, Coach D, and GABE!  
Coach Nick Shaffer with #52 and Tyson.  

Then my camera died :(  I'll be sure to capture more of the actual team next time!!!

I am so excited about this football season!  I love seeing my little athlete in action and I am so glad he enjoys being in sports.  It's so good for him.  It teaches him all kinds of important life skills: friendship, respect, strong work ethic, perseverance, courage, and how to be a team player, not to mention it gets his little hiney off of the couch!!!