Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our Trip To Water Country USA and Busch Gardens

For our 2013 4th of July celebration, our family of 5 traveled to Williamsburg, VA to enjoy Water Country USA and Busch Gardens.  Aside from our trips to the beach, this was our second longest trip as a family.  
Our family LOVES water parks, so we chose to do Water Country USA first. 
 Jax was concerned about whether or not there was life vests :)
 Due to our children's age difference, I stuck with the twins
And let Ty and Darren enjoy the "BIG" stuff.
So I was unable to capture any photos of the BIG BOYS.
 We spent a ton of time in the three kids zones.
 This slide required some "work" before the fun.
 My brave girl went face first!!!
 Just another "mini" slide!
 Again, face first!
 Our little firecrackers take a break to eat pistachios!
 Later that night, we went to Busch Gardens to watch fireworks.
 The next day we went to Busch Gardens to ride ALL THE RIDES.
 The kids were psyched to ride the roller coaster in Sesame Street Forest.
 Although fun, it was a tad wimpy to Tyson.
He was doing this to pacify his twin siblings.
 Seeing the Sesame characters was a BIG deal to the twins.  
I have to say, they were really realistic looking.
I even "believed" for a few minutes :)
 It's the only way D would pose with Grover. Haha.

 It was so hot that I let the twins cool off at the water zone at Busch Gardens.
 While daddy and Ty rode the BIG coasters.
Later, we met up with Ty and Daddy.
 We waited patiently while daddy rode a scary coaster ALONE!!!!
 I felt bad that he was riding it alone, but Ty wasn't tall enough AND...
I am a little fearful of the intense coasters.
 "I'm a little worried about this coaster!" LOL!
 Ty and I prayed for him while he was riding the coaster.
 Can you spot him?
 Bumper Car FUN!!!!
 He was so proud to be able to drive the car on his own.
 They rode these bumper cars like 5 times.
 The twins would run full speed to ride again!
No lines.
Despite the heat, loosing my husbands wallet for 10 hours, and a spilt venti coffee in my van, it was a wonderful vacation!!