Friday, July 12, 2013

Minute To Win It "Nose Dive" Challenge

The third challenge, at the "Minute To Win It" party, was called "Nose Dive". The challenge consisted of cotton balls and vaseline.  There were 6 boys total, so we divided them up into 3 teams.  Each team had an opportunity to compete in the challenge.  We gave each boy a small bowl of vaseline.  When the buzzer went off, they had to dip their nose into the vaseline, run across the room, dip their nose into a bowl of cotton balls (compiling as many as possible onto the vaseline saturated face), and run back to empty the cotton balls into a bowl, by SHAKING THEIR HEADS back and forth.  Whoever had the MOST cotton balls, in their bowl, when the buzzer stopped, was the winner!

Nose Dive Challenge
This challenge was definitely hysterical and one of my favorite challenges we did at the party because the vaseline created a ton of comedy/struggles/challenges. The only complaint is that the vaseline can be a little messy and/or hard to remove from the party guests' noses.
 Birthday boy and James went first. 
Showing off their muscles.
 Dipping their noses in the gooey vaseline.
 Dipping noses into fluffy cotton balls.
 Trying to shake cotton balls from face to empty bowl.
 "Hurry up boys! Only 29 seconds left!"
 Funny cotton ball face!
 These boys took it very seriously, but laughed a ton!
 Gabe and Josh go next.
 Look how talented Josh is, LOL!
He had at least 3-5 cotton balls on his face at a time.
 The above photo is my FAVORITE.
I love the face I captured of Haden.
He was cheering these boys on because the timer was about to go off.
This was serious stuff.
 Jake and Haden go last.
 On your mark...
 Get set....
Don't wait to have a "Minute To Win It" Party to test this challenge out at home with your kids or adult friends :)