Saturday, July 20, 2013

Minute to Win It Party Favors

My thoughts for Ty's "Minute To Win It" party favors were fairly scarce.  I knew I wanted to include "Minute To Win It" games for the kids to take home, but I wasn't sure if I was going to purchase the games or create my own game packet. Fortunately, Kohl's, on line, was selling this game by Mattel for $4.99 (everywhere else had it for $9.99) and I built the party favors around this focal point.  
Basically, everything else I put in the "favor bag" was either A. something red, white, or blue, B. included the word "minute", OR C. something every little boy would love.
 I thought they came out really colorful/festive looking!
 It was CHUCK full with things.
 I waited until the boys parents' came to pick them up
Surprised them with this nice basket of goodies.
 It was so heavy, I had to have their parent carry it for them. The baskets included...
 A "minute" LCD watch.
 A "minute" electronic timer".  (Ty's favorite party favor).
 Of course, the "minute to win it" card game.
 "Pop-It's" (Josh's favorite party favor.)
 A light up, spikey bracelet.
 Red, White and Blue glow sticks (James favorite).
 "MINUTE" maid lemonade.  (Jake's favorite).
 Red, White and Blue sidewalk chalk (Also James' favorite).
 Red or Blue silly string.
 A rice krispie treat.
 Blue angry bird gummies.
 A blue flash light.
 A $5 gift card to the Dollar Tree (RED).
 Baseball cards.
A trophy with a one dollar bill in it.  
This was given for their great job they did in the challenges,
 But the $1 was also to symbolize a "MINUTE".
 BLUE fun glasses.
And a red jump rope!

I love sending the part guests home with something elaborate and exciting.  It's my way of saying thank you for coming to our child's party, but it's also the best way to make a lasting impression/memory for them to take home with them to enjoy!