Tuesday, July 2, 2013


While visiting my sister in Pennsylvania, for her wedding (back in 2011), I came across an amazing store called FIVE Below.  I spent over an hour there.  Then, in 2012, during my shopping extravaganza on Black Friday, with my step-mom, we spent at least 2 hours in the store.  LOL!  If you haven't already gathered from previous posts, I am a Dollar Tree fanatic. There's NOTHING more gratifying than walking out of the store with 40 items for $40. What is  Five Below?  The name speaks for itself.  It's a store that contains items $5 and below.  While in Richmond this weekend, I got to visit their five below.  Just call me a five below groupie.  Here are a few items that I bought...

Iphone Wallet - $5.00   

I believe my husband is the FIRST person I've seen sporting an iphone wallet, ONLY he bought his in Myrtle Beach for $34.00 and I paid $5.00.  Darren uses his daily, but I plan to only use mine at the pool, beach, or possibly the park this summer.  Five Below had a TON of fun colors.  I just chose a shimmering white iphone wallet.  I love it because it holds your license, a credit card or two, and your phone.  It's contains a wristlet strap, making it easy to transport.


It's not quite "a deal", but, to me, it was a no brainer.  I'm always thinking of my "Sensational 6", everywhere I go.  AND when I saw this cup, I turned into one of those people you may see often in a store that TALKS TO THEMSELVES.  I saw it and immediately started to talk to myself, saying, "Oh I have to get this for Jody!"  "This is hysterical."  Jody is quite irregular. It's an on going joke in our group.  I should include a jar of prune juice to go with it.  


I picked these up for Darren.  I'm always thinking of him too :)  The first thing that attracted me to him was his sense of humor.  He actually won the superlative in high school, "Most likely to be a comedian/ class clown."  Anyway, with the new insta-video feature, I thought these would come in handy for his crazy sense of humor.  Be on the look out for a video soon.  I thought these would also be perfect for a puppet show.  I put them on and followed Jax around the house when he was being whiny (huh, Jax whiny, no not JAX) and pretended to be his conscious.  It didn't blow over too well.  He wasn't happy about two eyes chasing him.

A Retractable Fly Swatter - $1.00

One would think this was purchased for FLIES, but we already have a fly swatter.  I bought it for the closest thing to FLIES as you can get... KIDS!  LOL!  Just teasing - about the latter part.  I really did buy it for my children.  This is my new "paddle" or "spoon" for the van.  It is really hard to "smack" spank them back into obedience while I am driving, so when I saw this item, I HAD TO HAVE IT.  You can tell my brain is always in parent mode.  I ran into the Dollar Tree yesterday and noticed they ALSO sell these. So, I picked one up for my girlfriend, Erin, who's son just turned 3.  We bought him a few trinkets in there and I thought in honor of him turning 3 (the hardest age ever) she needed this trinket.  I'm not sure Mason was too happy about me getting his mommy a new spanking tool.

Unfortunately, that's NOT ALL I BOUGHT, but that is ALL I took pictures of.  I really wish we would get a FIVE BELOW store.  I have high hopes that it's coming, our way, one day soon, because Charlottesville is getting (2) FIVE BELOWS in the near future.  Yes... I just stalked their website to see where there new stores are being put.  

Here are a few other items I purchased...

A NICE basketball for Ty - $5 (normally at least $15.99)
A magic princess pen and pad for Lilah- $2 (normally $7.99)
Blistex - $1 (normally $3.99)
Cheetah and zebra party plates $1.50 each (normally $4.99 each)
A pack of noisy guns for Jax - $2.00 (normally $4.99)

They have a MASSIVE candy section in their store, filled with all sorts of UNIQUE candy.  They also have a "grab bag" candy section.  You can buy 10 pieces of candy for $1.00.  I let the kids each get 10 pieces for $1.00.  This kept them quiet during the ride home... until the sugar high set in.  I love this idea because my kids LOVE variety and have different preferences in candy (ie. Ty dislikes chocolate, while Lilah LOVES Hershey Kisses).  This is also perfect for those people who sneak candy into the movie theatre to avoid paying those astronomical candy gauging prices.

My favorite section in this store is the MEDIA section.  It has a TON of MEDIA steals/deals for android and iphone phones.  Anywhere from cords, to cases, to styluses, to covers, and headphones, the list is endless and CHEAP.

Let's hope we get a FIVE BELOW soon.  If we don't, I still highly suggest, whatever state you visit, checking to see if your vacation destination has one.  You'll LOVE spending time in the store.  OR shop on line at www.fivebelow.com