Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Saying Goodbye to GRAM & to Daddy's Car!

As mentioned in a previous post, my mom got into a car accident 2 months ago and has been without a car ever since.  Her insurance company did not have rental insurance, so she has had to resort to "catching rides" with friends and perfectly good strangers as well as riding a bike.  Darren and I decided to bless her with our Nissan Maxima.  We just couldn't watch her struggle anymore, especially considering she is on a single income and doing life all on her own.  God has been so good to us and we love to give to others in return.  
"Gram" stayed a full week.  It was probably the best visit we have had with her.  I am not keen on extended visitors, but prayer was answered and this time, I enjoyed my mom's stay.  She kept me entertained with many of her "woes" without a car.  It's no joke... she took at least two rides, that I know of, with strangers.  ONCE because she was left stranded and ONCE because she was walking home in the pouring down rain with bags of groceries.  I'd say from the grocery store to her home, it's about a 5 mile walk.  She also had a scheduled doctor appointment and her ride bailed on her, so she had to ride her bike 30 miles in the Florida heat to get there.
 Lilah had multiple personalities during my mother's visit.
I believe she did NOT like competing for my time!

We spent our week doing all sorts of things....

Visiting Ty at school to eat lunch with him.
Worked out at the YMCA.
Ran birthday party errands.
Longwood Park.
Played a game of family kickball. 
Tyson's Party.
Fresh Market.
MULTIPLE visits to the Dollar Tree.
Baseball Game.

SHEW!  We actually did a ton.  On our last night, Darren and I hired a baby sitter and we treated my mom to dinner in downtown, Roanoke.  We chose a restaurant called Nawab.  Indian Food.  We had a ton of laughs and look forward to seeing her again soon.  I am so glad that she has a reliable, trustworthy, comfy car to get her where she needs to go!
So many have inquired about whether or not my mom has left.  I think rumor had it she was staying for a minimum of a month... a maximum of a year.  TRUST me, if she had it her way... THERE would be some truth to that.  We hope she does move to Virginia one day though because there is no point in living so far away from loved ones.

What we will miss about Gram...

1.  Her headstands!
Yes!  This is something my 54 year old mother does in her "spare time".  I was coming out of my kitchen and I found her in these positions.  You just have to laugh.
 You have to admit, it's pretty impressive for a 54 year old woman!
 Although, this kind of stuff, 
Occasionally drives me to EAT.... ice cream....& LOTS OF IT!
Heck, it's better than alcohol.  LOL!
She is quite entertaining to both children AND adults.

2.  Her Willingness to PLAY
Every grandparenting style is DIFFERENT.  I have always said this... "I LOVE a grandparent who is willing to get on the floor and PLAY... creating REAL memories." That's my momma!!!!
 What grandmother do you know, over the age of 50, would be willing to play
 A hard core game of kickball
In 90 degree weather?

3.  Her Dancing Moves
I'm sure by now you have already seen her infamous video/dancing!!!

We love you GRAM!!!!  Enjoy that gorgeous car.  Now we may be the ones riding a bike and taking rides from strangers. Ahahahahahahaha!