Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tyson's 8th Birthday Party Invitation

This year, Tyson is having a very simple party.  We decided that since he is "older" now and he's had 7 years of elaborate parties, that we would still allow him to celebrate his special day with friends, but that we would keep it simpler unless it was a milestone birthday.  It's been really tough on me doing things this way because I just don't know how.  I thought waiting until the last minute to do the planning would help eliminate over doing things, but the reality is, I am a planner, and I don't work well under stress, so waiting until the last minute to do things has really sent me into over drive.  LOL!  I am not sure  how "simple" this party will appear, but I am trying my best to stick with the decision.  

The invitations didn't even go out until Sunday (5 days before his party).  Have you ever seen the show "Minute To Win It!" on NBC??  I believe the show is currently off the air, but it was a show that really kept our family on the tip of our toes.  It's intense and exciting to watch contestants compete in challenges, for money, in which they must complete in 60 seconds 1 minute.   

The invitation read...
You've been selected to be a contestant for Tyson's 
"Minute To Win It" Birthday Party!
Here's Your Level 8 Blueprint...
In this challenge, party goers will go to
Tyson's house on Friday, May 31st @4:00 pm.
Once there, party guests will have to complete various challenges
That will test their skill and speed
While also enjoying a movie, dinner and birthday cake!
In order to attend, party goers must please arrive with
Their bathing suit, swim towel, pillow, sleeping bag,
Pajamas, toothbrush, and "game face".
Failure to complete this task, may result in elimination!!!!
Are YOU in it, to WIN it?
Enclosed with the invite, was a "Minute To Win It" candy obstacle.  Each child had to complete the following in 1 MINUTE
1. Open the hershey kiss with ONE hand. Place trash into the "trash" circle, place hershey  kiss into the "open" circle.  
2. Pour the pixie stick sugar into the heart titled "love".
3. Bite the ends of the licorice, making a mock straw.
4. Blow out the pixie stick sugar, out of the heart, with the "straw" licorice.
5. Line the M&Ms in NO particular order.
6. Write out the quantity of each colored M&Ms into the colored slots.

Do this ALL in ONE minute.
Each party guest also received a zip block bag of the candy needed to complete this challenge.  I gave each house hold a minimum of two bags of candy so siblings could join in on the fun.
Ty's party is this FRIDAY.  We have a ton of special things planned to entertain them.  We are taking them to see the movie Epic, then home for pizza, and a dessert bar. After the movie and food, the guests will be competing in 8 "Minute To Win It" challenges, testing their speed and skills.  I have a feeling Guy Fieri, the talk show host, will be making a guest appearance at this party too!!!!  We are planning to attempt the pool or our outdoor water slide inflatable.  I have to find ways to tire these (6) 8 year olds out because they are sleeping over OUR home when it's ALL over with.

Be on the lookout for the video footage soon.  Yesterday, we decided to give the candy obstacle a try.
Gram and Tyson set up their candy obstacle in preparation to compete against each other.
The first video is of Tyson and Gram competing in the candy obstacle challenge.  I am the talk show host.  Do you like my english accent?  LOL! 

The second video is of Tyson and I competing against each other.  My mother attempted being the talk show host.  She literally has me peeing in my pants every time I watch this.  The video should be called, "She's blowing it!  She's blowing it! She's blowing it!"  I'm laughing as I type this.  She's a nut.

If you haven't seen the actual show, I suggest viewing a few of the episodes on YOUTUBE.  It's HIGHLY addictive.  I have attached ONE "Minute To Win It" episode for your convenience.