Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tooth #4

As we prepare for Tyson's oral surgery on June 5th (please pray for this to be smooth sailing), Ty continues to make the surgery bill a tad cheaper as he looses teeth.  He is loosing his teeth slightly slower than most.  Could it be because he has an abnormal situation?  Ty has 3 front baby teeth and 3 front permanent teeth.

Tooth #4 came out at school last week.  Tyson was so excited.  He came running off the bus with a smile from ear to ear.
Just so you know, if your child is loosing teeth, and their adult teeth appear yellow, the dentist assured me that permanent teeth are much more discolored than baby teeth.  I never knew that.  Seems to flow with the gist of life.  LOL!  As you get older, your body appears older, wrinkled, or discolored too.