Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jax goes "TWO-wheeling"

One evening after dinner, our family took a bike ride around the "hood".  On the way home, Darren and Ty chose to take the challenging path back to our home.  Jax was unable to accompany them and cried, feeling left out.  We talked about something he and daddy could do, alone, once we met them back at the house. First, Jax considered my suggestion, to sit on daddy's lap and drive daddy's car around the neighborhood, but that wasn't enticing enough for him.  Then we both thought about possibly removing Jax's training wheels.  Jax was super excited to give this a shot as we had been talking about doing it anyway... SOON!
Daddy is always so obliging to "adhere" to our requests.
Darren did, indeed, take the training wheels off.
Jax's face was fake, but silly.  Trying to exclaim, "YIKES! What am I in for?"
May 23rd and @ age 4 Jax rides without training wheels.

Lilah was going to attempt trying out Jax's bike on two wheels, but being a girl she chickened out when she got to the top of the hill.  THEN, she was going to try her bike, WITH training wheels, down the hill, but her bike got away from her.  

After the fun was over, my hero carries both bikes up the hill, to put them away.