Friday, May 3, 2013

A Spontaneous Surprise!

I JUST LOVE MY HUBBY!!!  Hmmm, let me count the ways!!!!  There's a million or more reasons, but one really COOOOOOL thing about Darren is he's FUN!  ME, on the other hand, I am NOT.  Haha.  Out of the blue, at about 11 am today, he sends me a text that reads, "Let's go to Kings Dominion."  My reply, "Ok!"  LOL!  Is it really that simple to get out of town?
We are leaving either late tonight or EARLY tomorrow and taking the kids to Kings Dominion.  I may even allow Ty to think that this is part of his 8th birthday present. I'm thankful for Darren's spontaneity, although not often.  Knowing me, I would have spent the day, tomorrow, cleaning, but now, we will be riding roller coasters instead.  YIKES!