Monday, April 22, 2013

We [MUSTACHE] You A Question!!

BUT we're SHAVING it for later.
Lilah wasn't too keen on "wearing" a mustache, 
So we picked out some hot pink lips for her.
Jax is really into picking out his own clothing lately.  It's bitter sweet for me. 
Sometimes he chooses things that still have tags on them that I am saving for another Date, other times he doesn't choose his clothing to match the weather, and other times He chooses to look sporty, when it's time to dress up.  
Aside from that, man, he truly is a great at matching his clothing well.  
He'll probably be my GQ boy!
This morning, he chose to wear his new mustache shirt.  
It was a tad chilly out, but I figured, what the heck?
We turned our morning into laughter after I told them about an idea I had.
Lilah and Jaxon were ALL for it. 
They even helped pick out their mustache choice.
    I was peeing my pants this morning. 
I love how they get excited about silly things such as this.