Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Here" by Kari Jobe!

Kari Jobe is one of my favorite Christian artists.  She has such a mesmerizing way of singing, not to mention she's beautiful and her lyrics touch my heart and seem so real to everyday life.  This song, "Here", is so bitter-sweet for me.  I find the lyrics "sweet" because I personally can "rest", "lay my burdens down", finding "refuge" and "peace" in HIM.  The lyrics are "bitter" for me because when I listen to them, I think of all the people who I love, that don't know Him, and who carry such heavy burdens and live very painful/difficult lives.  If only they knew Him, life wouldn't be flawless, but much more simple because their joy would be rooted in Him and they would be working towards a greater goal.  I serve a powerful God and I have faith that His will is best and that He will save those whom He chooses to save!!!  I pray that includes those I am thinking of right now. Praying "YOU will find HIM", if you haven't already done so.