Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Cat In The Hat Party Favor SNEAK PEAK

Man... I still have soooo much to post about Lilah and Jax's 4th Birthday party.  It takes me a while to get the photos edited and organized.  So sorry!  

I just wanted to share a quick sneak peak into ONE of the party favors that each guest received.  

As you may or may not know, Pump It Up, is filled with (4) inflatables for the kids to jump on. No food or drinks are allowed in the inflatable room.  Knowing this, in advance, I thought, "Man, these kids are going to be DYING of thirst by the time they get into the party room."  So I decided to purchase personalized water bottles for them!  I did a TON of research on Etsy, contacting over 20+ sellers and settled, happily, on Keeley Lynn Kreations.  

Ashley, the owner, was incredible to work with.  She went above and beyond all of my expectations for this project.  I have been using Etsy for almost 4 years now and you'd be surprised at how rude some of the sellers have been.  Ashley was so friendly and truly desired to gain my business.  I wanted to give her items a special post because of her superb business etiquette.  So.... let's see the outcome....
It's was so cool how it all worked out.  
Ashley had several water bottle colors to choose from.
 Thankfully she had the two colors I needed...RED and TEAL!
The "Cat In The Hat" resided on one side.
 Each guest's name was placed on the other side.
Notice in "Dr. Seuss" font!!!
 Boys received BLUE bottles, girls RED bottles.
I loved how the bottles looked on the table, with the rest of the tableware.
And I love even more, meeting for play dates and seeing the water bottles in hand. Below, Julia and Mason went hiking with their mommy and daddy and they brought along their water bottles to keep them hydrated.  

**WARNING: Do not put these water bottles in the dishwasher.  Tyson's bottle was accidentally put in the dishwasher and it came out, fully intact, but 6 inches smaller.**   :(  Very bummed.  Now "bro bro" doesn't have a water bottle.

I hope to post the rest of the party favors this weekend.  

**Ashley, from Keeley Kreations, I am going to put your bottles on pinterest.  I hope it brings you some extra business.  I've started putting the other party details on pinterest and it's receiving a ton of repins.**  Thank you again for everything.